12 Bones Smokehouse

Address: River Store: 5 Riverside Drive and South Store: 3578 Sweeten Creek Rd.
Phone: River: (828) 253-4499 and South: (828) 687-1395

12 Bones makes everything from scratch. Their meats are smoked long & slow over select hardwoods. Their recipes are both old family favorites & new ones they've just come up with. They believe that simple ingredients & lots of care in preparation make the best food. Some things on the menu change daily...if you can't live without a rib flavor you had two weeks ago then holler, they'll make it again if you make enough of a fuss!

12 Bones's recipe for the cookbook will be carrot cumin molasses shortribs plus watermelon and jicama salad

Read more at: http://www.12bones.com/

Photos copyright: Lynne Harty Photography